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When we go to the restaurant, we can see robots serve food. We can use this when we clean, do laundry and wash dishes. In addition, this can even assist doctors in surgery. This is a robot. Robots have come closer to our daily life. Since demand for robots is increasing more and more, jobs related to robots are selected as promising jobs. Robots are replacing humans and changing society.

Since robots can carry out physical tasks more accurately and quickly than humans do, they are replacing humans. There are a lot of kinds of robots: robot vacuum, pet robot, robot rider, service robot, surgery robot, intelligence-based robots, and many more. A robot vacuum is the most commercialized product among robots, so we can find it easily in our life. Pet robot has strength that we do not need to feed, wash, and cut fur. Also, its lifespan is very long. A service robot is used in most places. It can carry out household chores, and help customers. The intelligence-based robot can help seniors by talking, playing, and singing.

▲ A service robot

There are many cases in the companies are using robots. Convenience stores such as 7-Eleven and Baedal Minjok began mobilizing robots for food delivery. Robot riders are better than human riders in aspects of efficiency and cost. Also, a drone company, P Square and Domino Pizza, launched a pilot drone delivery service for pizza. Large enterprises such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Doosan, Hanwha, and KT recently announced that they will be focusing on the robotics business. Therefore, we can expect that the demand for robots will continue to increase.

▲ Drone is delivering parcel

Robots have deep-rooted in our daily life than we think. Various kinds of robots are replacing humans, so there will be more robots in the future. Therefore, we should prepare for the future society of robots.

By Oh Kyoung-Taek


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