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Cyber simulation training will be conducted to protect the latest science and technology held by organizations affiliated with the Ministry of Science and ICT from cyber threats. Given that competition for global technology, hegemony is intensifying and the importance of protecting high-tech technologies is emphasized due to rapid changes in the global cybersecurity environment like the Ukrainian war, and the plan is to systematically conduct various drills.

The training will run from May to November for 65 affiliated organizations of the Ministry of Science and ICT. To respond to the increasing trend of cyberattacks due to intensifying competition for global technology hegemony, various types of systematic cyber simulation training will be conducted assuming actual situations. The training is designed to reflect the recent types and trends of cyber attacks and to check and improve the response systems of institutions at various levels so that research institutes can actively respond to cyber attacks. This training will be divided into five types of cyber simulation training. Training tailored to the characteristics of the training subjects was classified by period for all employees, system managers, and information security-related people.

The Ministry of Science and ICT is also working to establish a cooperative system with research institutes and private security companies. Private security companies will select the best companies through public offerings and establish a training promotion system with research institutes (KISTI, KISA, etc.) to further specialize in the entire training process from training implementation to diagnosis. Through this, the identified problems will be induced using the Information Protection Policy Evaluation and Information Security Chief Executive Council so that the affiliated organizations can immediately improve them.

▲ Prevention of High Technology DEODORIZATION

by Lee jeong hoon


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