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▲ Supporters of Park Geun-hye celebrating her release

Former President Park Geun-hye was impeached and imprisoned for 1737 days. She used confidential information obtained from state administration to generate profits for herself and used the power of the president to receive an enormous amount of money. She committed more like these problems and was finally imprisoned on March 31, 2017. During her imprisonment, she wrote some writings and responded to letters she received, and the book collected all of these is "Not Everybody Feels a Longing".

▲ Appearance of ˝Not Everybody Feels a Longing˝

The book contains her handwritten writings and photos that have never been released to the public so far. Moreover, the book includes Park Geun-hye's response to letters that her supporters wrote and sent to her. On the whole, she did not apologize for her crimes. Her crimes were so serious and even caused nationwide candle-light street protests, however, Park Geun-hye claimed innocence.

In the book, Park Geun-hye said it was unbearable to watch public officials who faithfully fulfilled their duties suffer, and above all, she felt the impermanence of life as she saw those who had been with her since the beginning of politics put all their burdens on her. She also complained of injustice, saying that she endured with the belief that fake and agitation will collapse and destroy her. She added that she will take what the people said seriously and said that there will be a day when she will meet the citizen again.

Former President Park Geun-hye's book, "Not Everybody Feels a Longing" was introduced by popular bookstores such as Kyobo and YES24 and became a best seller. The book is receiving a favorable evaluation by 60s and older, and a lot of people are experiencing shortage phenomenon buying this book because of its popularity.

by Young Chae Lee


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