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A few decades ago, South Korea experience a lot of historical events which are heartbreaking and unforgettable. Because of a variety of wars and bad events, a large number of people died. So, there is a special day to commemorate the loyalty of those who gave their lives to defend the land, and it is called Memorial Day. To explain briefly, it is an event held on June 6 every year, and people have time to commemorate the loyalty of the national heroes and appreciate them.

▲ representative speech in front of people

This year, the memorial day event in Ulsan was held at 9:55 A.M. on June 6 at Memorial Tower Square in Ulsan Grand Park. It was attended by 99 people only because of COVID-19, and they did the Pledge of Allegiance, Silent Tribute, Protectorate Spirit, Incense, and Tribute Reading there in sequence. Moreover, Ulsan provided the service with free bus fares for the national merit and bereaved families.

▲ The memorial tower in Ulsan

After the event, I interviewed my neighbor who went to the Memorial Day event. She said that it was a very impressive moment that she could participate in a national event. She also had a lot of thoughts about it. She was grateful to the people who gave their lives to defend the land. Also, she was determined that she would not forget them and have a mind to remember them forever. This event is really a good way to appreciate our heroes.

The main purpose of this event, Memorial Day, is to commemorate the loyalty of the people who gave their lives to defend the land. This year, we could watch and witness this event online with the same purpose as intended. In the future, people have to pay more attention and attend not only exciting and dynamic events but also memorial events like this.

By Hye Jeong Yun


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