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Imagine a world where everyone walks with their smartphone. Do you think it is impossible? This is only after 30 years from now. Smartphone addiction means that you are too immersed in using your smartphone to control yourself.

There are investigations about smartphone addiction. For people whose age is from six to nineteen, 97.3 percent of them use smartphones. So, the numerical value of all ages has increased than last year. Then, where do they use their smartphone? They use their smartphone for games, YouTube, and internet searches. The game's numerical value is too high because students like to play games. Also, the numerical value of internet search increases because of the increase of senior users.

▲ smartphone addiction

However, overusing smartphones can cause many problems. Firstly, it can cause a personnel problem. People who have a personnel problem usually get angry. A computer can help you do work fast, but people need time to wait. So, it can cause them to eat late, do less exercise, become addict, and cannot concentrate on their study. Next is a social problem. They do not want to meet people and forget the importance of talking with others.

There are 1-10 factors in addiction such as emotional problems, dysfunctional schema, and lack of self-isolation. Firstly, people who have an emotional problem have depression and give more effort in the cyber world than in the real world. Secondly, dysfunctional schema makes people see the world negatively, so people spend most of their time in the cyber world and be addicted. Lastly, lack of self-isolation makes people not excise because they out their time on media and become addicted. Then, how can they solve this problem? Firstly, they have to decide their media using time. Deciding using time makes their times to be systematic. Next, practicing self-isolation is also important. As I said before, it helps you to excise your media using time.

▲ how to solve addiction problem

Nowadays, many people are addicted to media. So, others hope the next generation would not be addicted to media in these ways.

By Jeong Myeong Woon


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