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▲ Molar Daddy, Lee Young Hak

Lee Young Hak needed a person who can replace his dead wife. He mentioned his wife, but the reason was just the twisted sexual desire. Originally, he aimed a grown woman, but it was not easy to find. So, he changed his target. He let his daughter bring her friend home, and made his daughter a criminal. Later, his daughter said that she did not want to ruin her father's plan.

▲ Lee Young Hak was examined by the prosecution

According to the police, the crime was carefully planned in advance, but the murder took place accidentally. His daughter gave her friend three sleeping pills and two tranquilizers. Lee took the victim to the bedroom and gave her three more sleeping pills as he thought that she could awake. Then, he took off the victim's clothes and molested her. The police is investigating in using obscene tool to the victim in this process. However, the victim was awakened, and she realized that she was naked. So, she screamed. Lee got embarrassed and killed her using a towel and a tie. Then, he and his daughter abandoned the victim's corpse.

The police thought that Lee committed a crime because of his preposterous sexual urge. The police said that it was hard for him to find a woman who can handle his sexual desire. Also, Lee got a high grade on psychopath test. He has a strong psychopath inclination, like other criminals. The professor at Seoul Digital University, said that he is a borderline psychopath. Unlike usual psychopath, he has an economical desire and logical speech and behavior, so the result was low.

▲ The first trial will be held on November 17.

The victim was an ordinary girl who wants to be a talent. She likes to upload her pictures to Social media. The funeral passed an entertainment management company. "I'm sorry", Lee said after he got an investigation. "Ever since my wife died, I was poisoned with drug and not the sobriety. I apologize, and I will be burned in the hell" He then added. "Everything that happened still feels like a dream. "Lee will be investigated in murder, molesting teens, the abandonment of the crime. Also, his behavior to his dead wife including severity-act crime, and the crime of assisting a suicide will be investigated, too.

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