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Tottenham's Son Heung-min and Liverpool player Mohamed Salah's competition for the league's top scorer is one of the biggest concerns in the region. On the 19th (Korea Standard Time), England's "Football London" cited Son Heung-min and Sala's competition for the top scorer as one of the reasons to watch the 38th round, the final match of the "2021-2022 English Premier League (EPL)" on the 23rd.

In the final EPL match, Manchester City (90 points) and Liverpool (89 points), Burnley (34 points), Leeds United (35 points) and Everton (36 points) are fighting, and Tottenham (68 points) and Arsenal's inevitable top four competition are of interest. On top of that, the competition between Son Heung-min, who scored 21 goals, and Salah, who scored 22 goals, is also one of the focal points. The media emphasized, that only a few months ago, Salah had the upper hand in the competition for the top scorer, but Son Heung-min is chasing Salah with a great performance.“Son Heung-min scored 10 goals in his last nine league games and scored his 21st goal, quickly catching up with Salah. On the other hand, Salah has scored only six goals in the last 14 games, making it inevitable to compete with Son Heung-min. Moreover, Salah was injured in the FA Cup final against Chelsea and was unable to play in the 37th round against Southampton.

Football London believes that Son Heung-min has more chances to score than Salah. Salah believes that he may not play in the match on the 23rd as he has to play in the Champions League final against Real Madrid on the 29th. Salah wants to start both games as he aims to become the third top scorer following the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 seasons. Son Heung-min is aiming for the first Asian to become the league's top scorer.

In particular, Son Heung-min is likely to have a chance to add a goal, given that he will face Norwich City, which has already been demoted to the bottom. Norwich is the worst team for this season with 79 runs in 37 games.

▲ sonSon Heungmin vs Salah. Competition for the top scorer.

by Lee jeong hoon


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