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Beijing Olympic Winter Games was held in Beijing on February 4 for the 24th which progressed an understated ceremony showcasing virtues of the Chinese culture and wished hope for a reunion of worldwide people. With this Olympic, Beijing is the capital which opened both a summer and a winter game. Also, the ceremony is progressing at the national stadium.

▲ Olympic held in Beijing

Beijing held an Olympic ceremony in 2008, which put an enormous scale with 15,000 performers. However, only about 3,000 performers participated in this year's ceremony. Also, because of COVID-19, athletes and media members officially fell into a closed-loop system." So, everyone could not go outside until the Olympics and should progress a COVID-19 test every day.

Although the theme of the opening ceremony is "One World, One Family". Beijing could not make it. The United States, England, and Canada are some of the countries which declared a boycott, but China will continue by their thought that they are no longer need verification from Western nations. Lastly, 65 athletes in all sports, except for hockey, will participate in the Olympics as South Korea's representative. For the opening ceremony, 11 athletes and 28 officials of South Korea participated. Also, the Beijing Olympics will compete in three zones, ice events will be played in Beijing proper, alpine skiing, and sliding events will be played in the district of Yanqing, and ski jumping, snowboarding, biathlon, and cross-country skiing will be played in Zhangjiakou.

▲ Lots of winter games will be progressed

Beijing Olympics finally commenced in COVID-19 period as twice among Olympics. As it eventually opened, even if China is the country that generated COVID-19, I hope every athlete and all the parties concerned are staying safe and finishing the competition smoothly.

▲ hoping everyone stay safe in Beijing

by Chaeeun Eun


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