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  • 기사등록 2022-02-16 12:11:29

In South Korea, many people enjoy crispy and sweet bread such as Ang-butter and croissants. So, consumption of these crispy and sweetbreads is annually increasing. However, consuming these crispy and sweetbreads a lot can cause serious diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and even worse cardiac disease!

▲ croissant

In Korean style bread, there are a lot of fats that make bread crispy, sugar which makes bread sweet, and sodium which makes bread tastier. This is why Korean-style bread is bad for health. According to research, Ang-butter and croissant are types of bread that contain the most trans fats and saturated fats among all types of bread. Nowadays, many people enjoy eating Ang-butter. Ang-butter is made with crispy bread, beans, and a piece of butter. Also, its crispy bread contains a lot of fats because of the butter. Next, the research noted that Castella contains the most sugar among all types of bread. It contains low trans fats and saturated fats, but it contains a lot of sugar which is 21 g and 37 g per 100 g of its dough.

▲ ingredient of bread

These Korean-style "unhealthy bread" can cause dangerous diseases such as obesity and diabetes. It is because they contain a large amount of fat, sugar, and sodium which are really bad for the human body. According to research, trans fats and saturated fat are some of the risk factors of diabetes, heart disease, and cerebral stroke. Moreover, consuming too much can cause adult diseases.

Nowadays, many Korean people enjoy consuming bread which contains a lot of fat, sugar, and sodium. However, it can cause serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. To prevent these dangerous diseases and make our body healthy, we need to decrease consuming unhealthy bread such as Ang-butter and croissants.

By Yun Seoyoung


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