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Do you know your MBTI type? These days, we are increasingly asking each other's MBTI type. Through our MBTI types, we can predict each other's personalities in advance. Moreover, when we find the same MBTI type, we become best friends in a short period of time. Like this, MBTI has become an important first impression of meeting new people in our society.

MBTI is the short word of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It means it is just a personality type test. It is made by Myers and Briggs. They refer to Carl Jung's psychological types. MBTI test is so simple, and it just takes 20 minutes. We can do it online, too. During the test, we just answer the questions with yes, highly yes, no, and highly no. After the test, they tell us the four alphabet letters. The first letter would be E or I which tells us whether we are extroverts or introverts. The second would be S or N which tells us whether we are sensuous or eidetic. The third letter would be T of F which tells us what type we are thinking or feeling. Then, the last letter would be J or P which tells us whether we are the type who does judgment or perception. Like this, these four alphabet letters become your MBTI type. There are 16 types such as ENTP, ISFJ, INTJ, ESFP, and many others.

These MBTI types are increasingly used in our society. For example, in LGU+, recommend the travel destinations by MBTI type. In Ulsan Library, they recommend the teenagers books by their MBTI type. For example, INTJ, a well-intentioned strategist, recommends Yuval Harari's Sapiens. Not only in the library, but also in the shopping application, TMON, they made a list of shopping types by MBTI types and notice for consumers. Moreover, in TV program, there is " Who Am I " which is using MBTI.

According to the book, "Trend Monitor 2022", after corona virus, people will feel a lack o human relationships, and there will be a growing tendency to check their identity through this psychological test. In an era of isolation because of the pandemic, humans will instinctively wonder about each other's MBTI in order to belong to a group with strong homogeneity. Also, they will be relieved that they have a " normal personality " defined by a specific category.

by Kim Yuchae


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