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  • 기사등록 2022-01-28 15:16:15

When friends get married and start their happy wedding, their friends will celebrate for their future and wedding. However, their single friends' faces may not be happy because they have to pay lots of money for married people in various events obligatory which they cannot be paid back.

▲ wedding

In South Korea, there are some cultures centered on married people. At a wedding, one of the most important things is congratulatory money. For example, if you entered the celebration ritual like a wedding, you should pay congratulatory money obligatorily. However, there are no events for single people, so they cannot be paid back. This is the reason why single people are suffering from a culture centered on married people. So, many people argued that these marriage-centric culture like mandatory congratulatory money should be changed.

▲ congratulatory money

While there are no events for singles that they can pay back, there are various events for people who got married. For example, there is a "bridal shower" for friends who will get married, a "gender-reveal party" for pregnant friends, and a "first birthday party" for a friend's baby. Totally, it will cost vastly at leat 500,000. This sum will be burdensome to single friends who cannot be paid back.

Nowadays, in South Korea, people who are single are increasing. However, they are suffered from marriage-centric culture be cause they have to pay a lot of money for married people which they cannot be paid back. Although they do not want to pay money, they have to pay money necessarily due to marriage-centric social norms. This wrong culture must be changed. If this culture is not changing, the wedding will not be a happy event for most people including single people.

By Yun Seo Young


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