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Seollal, the day when we celebrate the new year, is coming on Feb 2. Many people are looking forward to eating tteokguk in Seollal. Tteokguk is a traditional soup, and the people eat it on Seollal. Eating tteokguk means getting one year more.

▲ Tteokguk is a traditional food in Korea.

The origin of tteokguk is the food that partakes of sacrificial food and drinks after the New Year celebration, and it was often called "baektang" or "byeongtang" in the Joseon dynasty period.\

The ingredients of tteokguk are 400 g tteok, 100 g beef, 2000 ml water, 2 eggs, 1 large green onion, seaweed powder, 1 spoonful of crushed garlic, 2 spoonfuls of Korean style soy sauce, 1 spoonful of sesame oil. First, soak the tteok in the water. Second, put the sesame oil and cooking oil on a roasting pan and roast the beef. Third, put the water on the pan and boil it over medium heat after it starts to boil for 30 minutes to infuse meat soup. Fourth, eliminate foam from the soup. Fifth, beat the eggs in a bowl. Sixth put the tteok , crushed garlic, and Korean-style soy sauce on the soup. Seventh, put the eggs. Lastly, decorate with seaweed powder and thinly sliced green onion.

▲ Tteok means richness since it looks like a coin.

The meaning of eating tteokguk is getting one year more. Then, what is the meaning of the ingredients? Tteok is white and looks like a coin. It means a bright new year and prays richness. Soup means the energy of yang in yin and yang. Since, in winter, it is very cold, and the time when the sun rises is short, the energy of yin becomes strong, so the soup of tteoguk helps us to be harmonized between yin and yang. I hope that everyone eats tteokguk and has a good new year.

by Lee Seung Woo


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