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There is the 20th presidential election on March 9, 2022. Four conclusive candidates, Lee Jae-Myung, Yoon Seok-Yeol, Sim Sang-Jung, and Ahn Cheol-soo, are having active election campaigns and telling about their own pledges.

In a survey of Korean Gallup on December 2, 2021, the survey showed that the approving ratings of Lee and Yoon were the same as 36 percent. Moreover, the approving ratings of Sim and Ahn were the same as 5 percent. There was a survey about the same topic by Korean Gallup two weeks ago. In the survey, the approval ratings of Lee and Yoon had a larger gap. Lee's approval rating was 31 percent and Yoon's approval rating was 42 percent. Compared to the last survey, Lee's approval rating increased to 5 percentage points. On the other hand, Yoon's approval rating decreased 6 percent point.

▲ Lee Jae-Myung is talking with a citizen in Gwangju.

The main reason for decreased Yoon's approval rating was missing Kim Jong-In. He is a talented politician. He supported not Hong Joon-Pyo but Yoon Seok-Yeol. However, after Yoon became a presidential candidate of People Power, Kim criticized figures of Yoon Seok Yeol camp. Also, Yoon's conflict with Lee Jun-Seok was another reason for decreased approval rating. Lee Jun-Seok is a representative of People Power. Because Lee is young, Yoon often ignores Lee Jun-Seok's opinions. Although Lee Jun-Seok declined to nominate Professor Lee Soo-Jung, Yoon arbitrarily appointed her. Later, Lee Jun-Seok said that Lee Soo-Jung did not fit People Power's directionality. The presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of South Korea, Lee Jae-Myung, went to Gwangju to honor the sacrifices of the 5.18 incident. Lee said that he would make a law about the distortion of history.

▲ Lee Jun-Seok says that Yun does not know about politics.

If Yoon's conflicts are solved well, Yoon can have another chance to have more approving ratings. As the presidential election is approaching, the presidential candidates will progress more election campaigns.

By Kwon Seung Min


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