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Since the vaccination rates of many countries including South Korea are increasing, countries are adopting the "Vaccine Pass" which is a system to give incentives to vaccinated people. Many people are welcoming this system while critics argue that the "Vaccine Pass" system can be a method of discrimination, and the exact standard for the applicable facilities for this system is uncertain.

Even though many European countries adopted the "Vaccine Pass" system, which is called "Green Pass", social and political conflicts are being continued. They adopted the "Green Pass" to eradicate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, people who protest against the government for forcing them to be vaccinated or dodge vaccination itself continue to protest with vaccine pass demonstrations. As these conflicts are getting serious, the World Health Organization(WHO) recommended not to request a vaccination certificate as the only condition is for overseas traveling. Also, they made a statement that says that vaccinated people should not be exempted during the immigration process.

▲ COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

South Korea has also decided to adopt the "Vaccine Pass" system by using a vaccination certificate system. The South Korean government announced that several multi-use facilities such as indoor gymnasiums or saunas will be available only for people with vaccination certificates or PCR tests within 48 hours. Many South Korean citizens who have suffered only by strong immune policies are welcoming this system very much. However, some political or economical experts claim that this could bring the next COVID-19 pandemic to South Korea.

▲ PCR Test

The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters in South Korea announced that adopting the "Vaccine Pass" system will not be postponed, and they will control the minimum and potential danger that the COVID-19 virus would bring. Even though South Korea has not adopted this system yet, the opinions about its pros and cons are still in a conflict in many ways. Whether the "Vaccine Pass" system becomes successful or not depends on the future prospects of South Korea.

by Jeon Seung Hyun


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