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ADOR, which is a music label under HYBE, has released a plan to host its first global audition. ADOR is planning to roll out new generation boy groups and girl groups and to launch a girl group next year. So, it will be a great opportunity to debut as a K-pop artist.

▲ dancing girls

ADOR recruits people who were born between 2002 and 2010. The recruitment period is December 11 to January 10, and they do not mind applicants' nationality or a residential district. Also, they hold their audition online, so applicants just need to submit their applications which include their photos and videos.

▲ ADOR holds their audition online

The highest person in rank of this audition is Min Hee-jin. She started her career at SM Entertainment in 2002. She was a graphic designer, and she had many experimental concepts with a lot of popular K-pop groups that include Girls' Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, and Red Velvet. Now, she is planning to launch her first girl group next year. As people say, it will be called "Min Hee-jin Girl Group".

It is such a big event that ADOR, which is a related company with HYBE, holds its first audition and plans to launch a girl group. So, I hope people worldwide will know this opportunity and really hope to become a K-pop member and will be able to apply for this audition. Those who participate in this audition can be a big company's trainee or can be dropped, but it will be a very great opportunity for their best career. It will be a very good chance especially for foreigners because it is held online, and they do not mind participants' nationality or place of residency. So, I hope many people apply for this audition.

by Chaeeun Eun


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