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Since 2018, with Starbucks, a front runner, lots of enterprises in the distribution Industry started to provide paper straws to customers instead of plastic straws to reduce plastic waste. However, many users are asking if they are protecting the environment. Is paper straw a real eco-friendly product? If not, what can replace a plastic straw instead of a paper straw?

The 'PSPs' team, consisting of high school students awarded a Minister of Education Award, with the topic of "Is paper straw eco-friendly?" They suggested the problems of paper straws. First, they are hard to separate as paper waste, so it is being incinerated as regular waste. Second, it can be easily disassembled, but rather become an impurity that disturbs the recycling process of plastics. Third, lots of trees, water, and energy are used to make them, but in this process, much dioxide and waste are made. The team PSPs pointed that it cannot be called eco-friendly. Lastly, the PLA coating of the paper straw to strengthen its durability is wack at humidity. So that high temperature and humidity lessen its separative power. Team PSPs suggested the correct sort of waste and expansion of infrastructure facilities.

▲ Lots of paper straws are used these days.

There are straws that can replace plastic straw. First, a stainless steel straw, which is already used by many people, is not easily damaged. For people who do not like the steel to meet their teeth, there are also silicon tips to cover the top of the straw. Second, a silicon straw can be easily bent or cut which can add convenience. It is safe for children and also be scaled to clean. However, it can be easily covered with dust when it is dry. Also, it is not easy to scoop up the cream since it is easily bent. Third, bamboo straw is nature as it is. It is light but strong. However, the unique scent of it can cause some people's dislike. Fourth, the glass straw is easy to clean and strong since it is made of tempered glass. Nevertheless, when you buy it on the internet, lots of packing materials will be used to protect it. So, how about buying it in the nearby zero waste shop? Lastly, there are edible straws that are made of rice, wheat, or tapioca. It can be emitted as food waste, but it cannot be reused. Choose a straw you like and try to use it instead of the plastic straw!

▲ How about using reusable straws like stainless steel straw?

Straw is a small product but since it has high demand and supply, it can arouse a big difference. How about using reusable straws in your daily life like the tumbler to contribute to the protection of the environment?

by Kim won hwi


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