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Most schools still open every day although the number of students who are positive for coronavirus is increasing more than before. The Education Ministry carries out face-to-face classes, and 1,000 students in Seoul were tested positive for COVID-19 just for November 22 through Sunday. Students keep going to school despite the warning signals.

▲ The students who check the body temperature to enter the school. Copyright by

As the number of confirmed people is increasing, the number of students who are confirmed to be infected is also increasing due to the spread. The average of the students who are tested positive for COVID-19 is increased from 398.6 to 484.9 per day just for one week. While going to school in the metropolitan area, the average number went up. The cumulative number of confirmed students from March to the present is 41,508.

As the number of students who are vaccinated is still low, the government decides to rise up the rate of the students who are vaccinated. According to the government's report on Monday, the vaccination rate for students aged 12-17 is still at 20.2 percent, much lower than the other age groups. The rate of vaccination for students is still low, so the rate of students who are positive for COVID-19 is increasing in Seoul. According to the Office of Education official, as there are so many confirmed students in Seoul, statistics from the Office of Education are delayed. Also, there are more than 200 cases for students who are positive in COVID-19 in Seoul.

The Education Ministry has decided to modify the school curriculum for these dangers. Schools can change their attendance policies to a more flexible one to keep a low level of class density.

By Um Ki Yoon


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