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Nowadays, the meat alternative foods are increasing, and we can easily see them because consuming meats causes global warming. The livestock we raise for meat releases lots of carbon dioxide which comprises about 14.5 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions. So, alternative meat food production is one of the important tasks we have to solve now.

In a recent study, animal-based food productions cause a higher level of greenhouse gas emissions, and this has reached almost double the amount of plant-based food productions. Also, livestock releases methane which is around 30 times more potent in the heating atmosphere than carbon dioxide. For this reason, people are trying to make meat an alternative food. According to a study, the gas emission from livestock is decreasing, thanks to the increasing meat alternative food.

▲ livestock

As consumers prefer meatless food to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas, many food companies all around the world are trying to make meatless and plant-based food. For example, in South Korea, Shinsegae food launched the meatless brand "Better Meat" which introduces plant-based bologna and ingredients including soy protein, ginger, and garlic. Also, Nongshim launched a vegan brand that provides plant-based alternatives to vegan instant and frozen foods. Other examples of meatless food brands are "Impossible Food" and "Beyond Meat" in the USA.

▲ plant-based burger

Meat alternative food is really an important issue nowadays. As the livestock sector causes a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions, many companies and consumers are trying to decrease the amount of meat. To reduce the amount of greenhouse gas from livestock, consumers have to buy meatless food. If you want to eat meat, it will be a better choice to eat alternative meat food instead of meat. By consuming meat alternative food, we can prevent the increase of greenhouse gas.

by Yun Seoyoung


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