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Korean royal palaces had government offices for the king and concierge. There was also a living space for the royal family and support space for others. They were built in geometric principle and symmetrically but except for the center, the buildings were arranged asymmetrically to bring together change and beauty. Also, there is a meaning contained in Gyeongokgung. The meaning of this palace is 'The new dynasty will prosper with great blessings'. Besides Gyeongbokgung Palace, many royal palaces are precious cultural assets, and they provide some special non-face-to-face application programs that people can experience our culture at that time.

▲ Gwanghwamun in Korea

In Deoksugung, people progressed 'The Palace Loved by Artists' program to promulgate Korean traditional music. Nine teams of artists worked together to create a total of seven videos. Each artist maximized the videos by incorporating historical meaning into the unique atmosphere of the main building, the Nature of the palace. Also, they contained the story of their life and art in the video. Also, there is a cultural program. People can try a game that was enjoyed in the Joseon Dynasty period. All of the family members can participate in-game. It is formed as a board game and made of harmony of educational elements and game-based elements. Also, everyone can enjoy it. If they had a reservation, they can experience a special game in a simple way!

The music played by Deoksugung Palace after the Korean Empire is also made to promote it to people. It provides songs such as the period of the Korean Empire and Manyo in the Japanese colonial era. Also, they reinterpreted "Taegyeong," "Nodeulgangbyeon," and "Cheonando Samgeori," which announce the heyday of new folk songs with a strange sensibility. They introduce Western-style military bands, Western bands, and add jazz to Korean traditional music.

▲ people can enjoy various kinds of Korean traditional

Experiencing culture which was done by our ancestors could be a special memory for you. Touring the royal palace is not only for just walking a palace and seeing how it looks but also for feeling our ancestor's waves of breath and wisdom.

By Wooin Gil


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