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I heard the news that the usage of delivery applications was dwindled recently because of the enforcement of " With Corona 19". It was enforced since November 1st. "With Corona 19" means that we co-exist with Coronavirus because it is impossible to overcome it. By "With Corona 19", we can be allowed to make gatherings or participate in events.

▲ Changes in Society after Enforcement of ˝With Corona 19˝

"With Corona 19" is enforced to alleviate some social distancing and concentrate on treating patients. It says that preparing to coexist with COVID-19 is a more important and more realistic way than waiting for it to end. To solve the problems of quarantine, lowering the fatality rate is more effective than suppressing the number of confirmed cases. For example, there is Corona blue, which is the depression from COVID-19. Moreover, we will know that lowering the fatality rate is more effective for the recovery of economics and reduce the enormous costs and medical expenses. So, the "With Corona 19" is being enforced.

▲ Corona Virus

This "With Corona 19" would change our society. First, the time restriction will be lifted in multi-use facilities, but in the case of entertainment facilities, they will be lifted in two phases. For example, multi-use facilities are store, restaurant, gymnasium, theater and many more. Second, in the case of events and gatherings, also private gatherings, all large scale events and gatherings will be allowed. Private gatherings will be lifted a little, too. These include the festival, international meetings, and many others.

In South Korea, "With Corona 19" has been enforced since November 1st, 2021, and it will be enforced in three levels until September 2022. Above all, the first level has been enforced right now. It will be enforced for 4 weeks. Even if "With Corona 19" is enforced, we need to keep ourselves safe.

By Kim Yuchae


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