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Do you know how the K-pop trade influence other countries? As K-pop groups' global popularity is getting higher, K-pop groups' popularity in other countries is considered important. In short, K-groups' global popularity is being an important element in success to them.

Many overseas fans are enthusiastic about K-pop groups. These days, many K-pop groups get more profit from not only South Korea but also other countries. For example, the famous K-pop girl group BLACKPINK has accomplished 9.15 billion in total YouTube views and 96 percent of all are from other countries. Also, only four percent of all are from South Korea. So, the international market influences K-pop groups.

▲ K-groups get lots of attention by YouTube

However, there can be problems because of cultural or courtesy differences. K-pop groups' songs are popular globally, and they should be careful in writing lyrics and making a music video of the songs. For, example, Giselle who is a member of the girl group Aespa apologized on Twitter because she sang SZA's "Love Galore", which contains lyrics blaming black people. So, K-pop groups' members should be careful not only their songs but also their actions because their actions influence worldwide.

▲ Aespa`s Giselle apologized due to her action

K-pop groups' status is getting higher globally, and they can get more profit in the international market, but as much as that, they should use their nerve on their actions because they are so popular that even with their small actions can influence a lot to worldwide fans. It is good that the K-pop industry keeps developing and getting so much interest worldwide. So, they can get more opportunities to show their talent in the world. I hope that the K-pop industry will keep getting interested not only in South Korea but also in other countries with no problems.

by Chaeeun Eun


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