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As environmental problems have become too serious, many multinational enterprises try to reduce the usage of plastic by introducing eco-friendly policies. For representative instance, Starbucks Korea and Coca-Cola implemented pro-environmental systems to protect the environment.

▲ Starbucks stores in Seoul introduced reusable cup system.

In 2018, Starbucks introduced paper straws instead of plastic straws to protect the environment. After paper straw, in 2021, 12 Starbucks stores in Seoul started to serve beverages only in reusable cups, tumblers, and mugs instead of disposable cups. The reusable cup is BPA Free cup made by Starbucks Korea and Happy Habits. The cup has some words printed on the cup-like "Happy habits for happiness." instead of the Starbucks logo. A reusable cup costs 1000 won for a warrant, which is fully refundable when it is returned to the stores. Consumers can return the cup to any of 12 locations or cup return machines.

▲ The customers return their reusable cups.

After implementing the reusable cup systems, most consumers are satisfied with the system because it can contribute to solving environmental problems. However, some people reveal the inconvenience caused by this new system. According to them, it is hard to return the reusable cup in case they have to move their place. Also, the order time is longer than usual because of the explanation of the new system.

▲ Coca-Cola has also launched label-free bottles.

Coca-Cola has also launched label-free bottles on Monday to increase recycling efficiency and protect the environment. Coca-Cola was designed to contour and labelless bottles with curved surfaces and flowing vertical lines on the surface, which is the symbol of Coca-Cola. To distinguish Coca-Cola and zero-calorie Coca-Cola, the company made differences in the color of the cover. The staff of Coca-Cola determined their ambitions of label-free contour bottles.

November 7th, By Kwak Chae Hyeon


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