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The whales are suffering from the small size of the water tank and people's cheering noise. The endangered whale, beluga, is an example of this. Though belugas are endangered, they are suffering and being killed in aquariums. Therefore, we must be interested in belugas and try to protect them.

Belugas are endangered wild sea animals selected by IUCN, (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources). There are 138000 adult belugas in the world. They give birth to a young once every two years to three years and take care of the young for two years. Therefore, if female belugas are attacked, the number of belugas will decline more rapidly than now. In the Arctic Ocean, they move and hunt with other belugas. However, some belugas are locked in a small water tank and live alone in an aquarium. Then, they get much stress which affects their health. Like this, belugas are suffering in the aquarium, so they need to be released in nature.

▲ Beluga in the aquarium

There is a case showing the seriousness of belugas being put in aquariums. In Lotte World Aquarium, there were two male belugas. However, they died at the age of 5 and 12. The average lifespan of them is 40 years. Moreover, a female beluga named "Bella" is showing autism symptoms. Therefore, wildlife and animal rights, activists criticized many Korean aquariums and said that endangered oceanic creatures cannot live healthily in aquariums. For these reasons, Lotte World plans to send Bella to a wildlife sanctuary. Lotte World Aquarium chief, Koh Jong-Rack, said it is of utmost importance that Bella remains in good health condition.

▲ Wildlife sanctuary

Belugas are endangered animals, but there are still ten belugas in Korean aquariums. They should give back belugas to nature for the belugas' health. Also, we must be concerned about the beluga and many other endangered animals. Animals' health is more important than people's joy.

By Oh Kyoung-Taek


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