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▲ EdTech

Recently, the educational industry tends to combine IT technology and education. This industry refers to EdTech, which is a compound word of technology and education. EdTech provides services in social media platforms, coding, and foreign languages, helping children to access education through video and social networking services.

▲ Junimong that provides educational materials to children

Some companies make applications targeted to specific users to secure competitiveness. For example, Yeastudio developed an application called Junimong that provides educational materials to children. Through Junimong, children all over the world are able to draw their paintings, share these with friends, and express their feelings by using six emoticons. Also, the application has the ten voices of foreigners and supports 600 vocabulary words. So, children can learn various languages while drawing their pictures.

Also, EdTech enterprise, "GeniRobot", developed LIMS (Learning Interactive Multiple Service) and Geni-bot which supports coding, AI, and STEAM education. Geni-bot is developed for students and teachers to be able to communicate bidirectionally. Moreover, students are able to have customized education through analyzing and assessing their skills. Lee Eun-seung, the CEO of GeniRobot, expected that LIMS will provide customized education to individual students in this COVID-19 situation.

▲ Robogram`s EdTech: Robomi

Robogram stressed that the core educational process of the Fourth Industrial Revolution should contain coding programs. This is because Robogram asserted that the essential skills in EdTech are to read and interpret the codes. So, Robogram developed a robot called Robomi which includes coding educational software by using an AI library. Also, the robot contains an avatar application that enables "untact" classes online without hardware by characterizing their avatar. Robogram CEO, Seong Chang-kyung, is determined that Robogram will put an effort into persistent development in education, and he revealed his strong ambitions in EdTech.

October 24th, 2021, 

by Kwak Chae Hyeon


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