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Four months ago, a South Korean soldier reported through his SNS about his self-isolation meal from the military service, and this report was hard for the people to believe in. South Korean government responded to that issue stating that they will investigate the main cause of this situation. However, there have been many reports about it, so the public assumed that the situation has not been taken action yet. Then, what is the essential reason for this situation which has been suffered by the soldiers for several months?

▲ Self-Isolation meal from Military Service in 2020/05/14

The South Korean government has doubted that the main cause of this issue is the budget shortage of the military. However, if the budget shortage is the main reason for the poor military food service, then all of the meals from all the military services in South Korea should also have poor quality. However, since there are many military services whose meals are much better in quality than the one that was being reported, then many experts determined that the budget shortage is not the main reason.

▲ Satisfaction Survey for Military in 2005 and 2019

The government also doubted the systematic problem of the military meal service. However, according to the report of the Ministry of Agriculture, farmers have been delivering the exact amount of food that the government has ordered from them, and they have been doing it for over 50 years. Then, what really is the essential reason for this situation? The most potent opinion among the ones that have circulated in public is the difference in managing the budget from each of the militaries. Since services from different areas of the country have different budget management for the meal, then military meals would come out to be of different quality.

▲ Budget used for Military Meal Service Compared to ones from Schools

It has been over three to four months since the first report has exposed to the public, and this happens continuously. Several departments, including the Ministry of Defense, are being criticized by the public, and many economists and experts are requiring the government to determine the essential cause of this situation.

2021/10/23 by Jeon Seung Hyun


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