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▲ This is the first form of Korean.

Recently, the popularity of K-culture is surprising. Especially, the popularity of "Squid Game" is brilliant. Squid Game is a drama, which shows the tradition of K-culture. As lots of media content related to South Korea is growing, the demand for learning Korean is also growing.

Due to the popularity of K-culture, lots of foreigners want to learn Korean. Due to this situation, lots of universities that include major universities are making lectures and majors that are related to South Korea. Especially, Korean lecture is popular among them. Moreover, the Korean government is making a lot of 'Sejong Hakdang' in the world, which is an educational institution of the country. Lastly, the addition of 26 new Korean words to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) last month is a symbolic example of the increased influence of the Korean language in Europe. The Korean words added to the OED this year are K-drama, Hallyu, Mukbang, Daebak, Fighting, and Galbi. In this regard, the BBC said that whether you watch Netflix's "Squid Game" or listen to BTS' new songs, there is a very high probability that you have encountered Korean culture in your life. We are all experiencing the peak of the Korean Wave.

▲ This is the principle of Korean.

Korean is known as a scientific language in terms of the principle of creation. For example, first consonant letters model the shape of the pronunciation system. Moreover, first consonant letters and middle consonant letters are also made by adding strokes to basic letters. Furthermore, middle consonant letters are made by hieroglyphics, which make letters that mean sky, ground, and human. In addition, middle consonant letters are made by synthesis, which is making letters by adding letters. Lastly, last consonant letters use first consonant letters, and it makes Korean more simple.

In conclusion, the popularity of Korean is expected to grow in the future. However, it is important to protect our Korean. We need to protect pure Korean words and transmit Korean to an after age to realize the purpose of Korean.

by Kim Tae Heon


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