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In 2020, Hwang Hee Chan showed a great performance in Red Bull Salzburg. He joined Red Bull Leipzig. In his first season in Red Bull Leipzig, he just made one assist in Bundesliga. As he could not get enough chance to play, Leipzig loaned Hwang Hee Chan to Wolverhampton Wanderers in Premier League.

▲ Hwang Hee Chan joined Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Hwang Hee Chan is the fourteenth Korean player of the Premier League. Many experts expected that he would be an important player in Wolverhampton Wanderers, which did not have enough goal decisions. Hwang Hee Chan made three goals in four games in the Premier League. Although he transferred to Wolverhampton Wanderers during the season, he made the highest goals in the team. Adama Traore, Raul Jimenez, and Fransisco Trincao were great attacking combinations with no goal. However, because of Hwang Hee Chan, the combinations made many goals.

▲ Hwang Hee Chan and Raul Jimenez are hugging after a goal.

The head coach of Wolverhampton Wanderers, Bruno Lage, said that he has known Hwang Hee Chan since he was in SL Benfica, and Hwang Hee Chan is a top player, who adapted to the league and is appropriate to their play style. Gary Lineker, sports commentator and legendary striker of Leister City, said that Raul Jimenez and Hwang Hee Chan showed a great partnership. Also, Ian Wright, a legend striker of Arsenal, said that Raul Jimenez made a great pass, and Hwang Hee Chan made a good shoot and goal. He also mentioned that Hwang Hee Chan has the speed and technique. After seeing Hwang Hee Chan's skill, an England medium said that he made the play of Wolverhampton Wanderers funnier and thanked Hwang Hee Chan for showing such a good play.

If Hwang Hee Chan does his best in his position, he will be a better player and will make South Korea proud. I hope he will get more awards and will improve his ability.

By Kwon Seung Min


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