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In this era, studying is important. Children have to study since they are students. So, there is a job, a teacher, who helps the students to learn. Therefore, teachers take the responsibility for the students, and they teach them many things. Teachers are one of the most important jobs that are responsible for the future of the students. So, it is important to know more about being a teacher.

▲ teacher teaching students

First, what are the qualifications to become a teacher? Teachers a redivided into kindergarten teachers, elementary school teachers, and secondary school teachers. Kindergarten teachers should graduate from a four-year early childhood education department. People can become kindergarten teachers if they obtain a kindergarten teacher's license. In addition, elementary school teachers should graduate from a college of education. If they pass the employment examination, they can obtain a teacher's license. then they can already work as a teacher in a public elementary school. The competition rate is 1 out of 500.

Second, what are the works of a teacher? Teachers should prepare teaching materials, teaching methods, and learning materials suitable for their students. They should check school assignments, make questions for the tests and consult with parents and students about school lives, family, and friendship.

Third, what are the characteristics required to be a teacher? First, teachers should understand and love their students, have knowledge in each subject, and have the ability to communicate. Second, they have to be meticulous. The ability to record and maintain students' attendance, grades, achievements, school records, and academic work is needed.

▲ teacher teaching a math problems to students

A teacher is a very great and important job because teachers are responsible for the children's future. To be a teacher, people should do many things. They can become teachers with only one out of 500 chances because many people want to become a teacher as well. So, we should admire teachers

by Kim Ji Ho


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