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Have you ever been moved to tears due to the Olympics? The Olympics is a quadrennial and international athletic competition. It is one of the biggest international competitions in the world of sports, and getting a medal is many players' dream. Recently, the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics was held in Tokyo. Despite the COVID-19 virus, it was successfully held from July 23rd to August 8th.

▲ This is the emblem of Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics was postponed last year because of the COVID-19 virus. Its slogan is "United by Emotion." This means, because many people all over the world are tired due to the COVID-19, through the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, they can be happy and delighted. There was no audience allowed to avoid an infection of the COVID-19 virus. However, outside the stadium, many people all over the world drank alcohol and ate some foods with no mask. Some people thought that holding the Olympics is premature because the pandemic is still happening internationally. However, other people asserted that because of the pandemic, the Olympics would be a great solution to help people.

The most popular athletes from South Korea are An San and Kim Je Duk, who are in the Korean archery national team. They became a big issue in South Korea because of their young age and their accomplishment in the Tokyo Olympics. They got a gold medal in a coed game in archery. Also, An San got a gold medal in Women's Individual Archery and Women's Team Archery. Therefore, An San got three gold medals in the Olympics. Moreover, Kim Je Duk got a gold medal in Men's Team Archery. Also, the men's fencing team is the talk of the town because they got a gold medal. With this, South Korea has won a gold medal for two consecutive years in Men's Fencing Saber. Except for that, South Korea got more medals in Taekwondo, men's vault, and many others.

▲ Ansan and Kim Jeduck are happy to lift the medal.

The Olympics is a great challenge in the players' life. They have usually spent time training very hard for just one game in the Olympics. This is the Olympics spirit, and this is the reason why the Olympics is held this year. The future of the hard-working players is expected in the Olympics.

By Gyurin Kang


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