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King Sejong is the fourth king in Joseon Dynasty, and he was born in 1987. His real name is Yi Do, and his father is King Taejong, the third king in Joseon Dynasty. He also has two big brothers. Before he became a king, he was good at politics, and he was the smartest among the three royal princes. When he became a king, he did many things for the public.

▲ Hangul, which King Sejong made

First, according to Naver Knowledge Encyclopedia, he established Jiphyeonjoen. He raised young scholars and reversed the education system at that time. He also established the administrative system by reviewing the old system. Second, he installed Jujaso. In Jujaso, he made a new type, so he increased the efficiency of printing. The first type in the world, metal type, was made by King Sejong. Also, he made Gyung-ja, Gabinja. and Byunging-ja. Third, he made a lot of scientific organs. In 1433, he made Heonchoen-ui, and gan-ui which are some of the astronomical instruments, and he also made Jagyeokru which is a water clock. In his 16th year as a king, he made Anbuilgu which is a sun clock. In his 23rd year as a king, he made Cheugug-gui which measures rainfall. Fourthly, he made laws for the public. He was concerned for the health of the prisoners, so he improved the prison's facilities, and he prohibit Nam-hyung. Also, he made Sambok law to prevent prisoners from dying unfairly. Children under 15 years old and people over 70 years old were not allowed to being locked-up unless they are guilty of a murder or a robbery. He thought slaves were people of the heavens, so he increased the maternity leave for a governmental expense. Fifth, he made Hangul. In his 25th year as a king, he made Hangul, and he wrote books such as named youngchenga, and Sokbo Sanjgeol. Sixth, he ensured the safety of the country. He ordered the army to defect Daemado and the Japanese people. Also, he installed Yukjin to prevent an attack from Yeojin.

▲ King Sejong

In conclusion, King Sejong made a golden age during Joseon Dynasty, and now, he is still called the greatest king of the Joseon Dynasty. We should thank him and should not forget his love for the public.

By Jo Eun Seo


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