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Days are getting hotter, and people are looking for cool places to rest. This year's summer is one of the hottest summer days for the past 50 years. According to Korea Meteorological Administration, the average temperature of South Korea in July 2021 is 26.2 degrees Celsius, and the highest average temperature is 31 degrees Celsius. Also, for fifteen days, in July 2021, Seoul was stroke by heatwaves. This means the day's maximum temperature goes over 33 degrees Celsius. What is the cause of this? How can we spend the days that are stoke by heatwaves?

▲ Kim Da-sol, South Korea hit by abnormal heat wave, The Korea Herald (2016.08.15)

According to the BBC News reporter, Matt McGrath, WMO (World Meteorological Organization) announced that after 1850, the global average temperature has risen to 1.1 degrees Celsius, and only between 2011 and 2015 that 0.2 degrees Celsius that has risen. Now, the global average temperature has risen at about 1.3 degrees Celsius ever since 1850. The rise of global temperature is the main cause of heat around the world.

▲ Jason Samenow, Japan, South Korea soar to hottest recorded levels, The Washington Post (2013.08.12_

To make matters worse, the heat domes phenomenon makes the world hot. Around the world, heat domes make the places under them very hot. South Korea is one o the places that suffer from heat domes. South Korea's heat dome is created by Tibetan anticyclone and North Pacific anticyclone overlapping around South Korea. This creates a huge heat dome that covers up the whole of South Korea.

Then, how can we spend this hot summer? Yonhap News Agency interviewed Professor Shim Kyung-won, from Ewha Woman's University Seoul Hospital. The professor claimed that to take care of ourselves in the heat is to maintain immunity and to sleep well. Drinking drinks with caffeine is not suggested, and eating foods and drinks that include tryptophan such as bananas and milk is good for sleep and health. Not only for the physical health, but it is also important to take care of each of our mental health to spend the hot summer.

I hope that everyone will have a great healthy summer.

By Seohyeon Choi


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