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Two years ago, COVID-19, which was first recorded in China, is spreading rampantly all over the world. Also, it continues to mutate to more powerful COVID-19 variants such as the Delta variant and the Alpha variant. Therefore, most people all over the world want to know the foods that can improve our immunity. Moreover, people's interests in healthy foods have become maximized.


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What are the helpful nutrients that improve our immune system? The first one is omega-3 fatty acid. It improves the immunocyte's function, and DHA, which is a kind of omega, strengthens the white blood cell's activity. The next nutrient is protein. It is the main nutrient for the muscle tissues. So, it energizes and strengthens your body more. The third nutrient is magnesium. It works for protein because it helps in its production. Then, the next ones are Vitamins C and E. Many people do not know the differences between Vitamins A, B, C, E, and others. First of all, Vitamin C protects the body from oxidative stress, so it can improve the cell's function. On the other hand, Vitamin E works in lowering cholesterol. So, it can help improve blood circulation and vascular health. Both Vitamin C and Vitamin E can help in improving the immune system. Lastly, water is the last nutrient. As you know, water takes up 70 percent of our body. So, it is very important for our body. Water can relieve cold, and it is helpful for weight control, blood circulation, and many more.

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Then, which food should we ingest? Mostly, omega-3 is percent in fish such as salmon, sardine, herring, and mackerel. Moreover, it is present in meat such as beef, mutton, oyster, and poultry that includes protein. Magnesium is in dark chocolate, pumpkin seed, spinach, avocado, and brown rice. Most fruits have Vitamin C, typically, orange, lemon, strawberry, blueberry, tomato, and many more. Furthermore, nuts and seed meals have Vitamin. Also, you need to drink 8 to 10 cups of water a day to keep your body healthy.

There are many nutrients and foods that protect your body from many diseases or viruses. These foods make your immune system strengthened and perfected for a healthy body. Thus, you should ingest the right amount of these nutrients to prevent an infection from COVID-19.


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