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Because of COVID-19, people are careful to travel to other regions or countries, so why do not you go to a local fair? In local fairs, people can have chances to learn about Korea's "onggi", can experience the fishing culture, and can enjoy rock music.

First, people in Ulsan can have a chance to learn more about pottery with various programs and hands-on experiences through Ulsan Onggi Festival from October 1 to 8. Second, people in Gwangalli can experience various programs which include a parade, a concert, musicals, and bare-handed fishing through Gwangalli Eobang Festival from October 15 to 17. Lastly, people in Incheon can enjoy rock concerts through Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival from October 9 to 10.

▲ Ulsan Onggi Festival

Ulsan Onggi Festival tries to advertise "onggi", a traditional Korean earthenware pot, and people can enjoy making onggi and looking at an onggi master exhibition. All ages can participate, and the admission fee varies according to the different programs. Next, Gwangalli Eobang Festival is an annual spring festival that has been delayed because of COVID-19, and people can experience the traditional fishing culture. Admission is free, and everyone can participate in this festival. Finally, Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival is an annual event held every summer and attended by rock fans, and people can enjoy rock music with a lot of rock stars. Also, this festival will be seen both online and offline, and admission is free.

▲ Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival

These days, we are coexistent with the COVID-19 pandemic, so the number of times that people go outside to enjoy has been decreased a lot since last year. There are many local fairs that people can enjoy without going far, so we can enjoy lots of local fairs and overcome this pandemic happily.

by Eun chaeeun


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