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Finally, Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics ended. How was the performance of the Korean soccer team in the Olympic game? The team entered the quarterfinal in first place in Group B, but they lost against Mexico by 3-6. What could be the reason they lost. What were the expectations of their fans to their soccer team?

▲ Korea lost against Mexico by 3-6

The Korean Olympic soccer team was included in group B with Romania, New Zealand, and Honduras. Koreans expected that they would easily go to the quarterfinal because the three teams that they would have a match against were evaluated as weaker than them. However, Korea lost against New Zealand by 0-1. New Zealand was expected as the weakest team in the group. So, we were shocked at the result and worried about the Korean team possibly failing to pass the group stage. Nevertheless, they won against Romania by 4-0 and won against Honduras by 6-0. They passed the group stage and entered the quarterfinal. They had a match against Mexico, and people expected that they are stronger than the Korean team, but we still thought that they might win.

After the game started, the Korean team allowed the first goal in 11 minutes. Fortunately, they equalized the game after ten minutes after they allowed goals. However, they had many problems in their defending system. They allowed two more goals in the first half. In the second half, they scored goals early and made the score by 2-3. However, as the effect of the change that was made to score goals, they had much more problems in their defending system. For allowing three more goals, and only scoring one goal right before the end of the match, they lost by 3-6.

▲ Korean players are frustrated after game

The reason why the team suffered a crushing defeat was their defense system. The defenders allowed only one goal in the three games in the group stage, but they allowed six goals in this game. They failed to check the Mexican players and allowed them to take a critical chance. Also, they made an unnecessary foul and gave a penalty kick. Another reason was a player selection, the manager, Hak beom Kim, selected the defender, Kim Min Jae, as a wild card. His club team did not allow him to go to the Olympics, The manager replaced him with Park Ji Su a day before they went to Tokyo. So, the teamwork in the defense game was not good, as they allowed six goals. Also, the best player in South Korea, Heung Min Son, his club team, Tottenham allowed him to go to the Olympics, but the manager did not select him. The critic, Jang Se Jin, said that there was a problem in the defense system and in the player selection, and they showed an insufficient performance. I believe the Korean soccer team has to learn from this game and show better performances. They have to fix the problems in their defense system, and the manager should be more flexible in player selection.

By Lee Jung Woo


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