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Students in South Korea used to get their grades by taking a test. However, these days, the proportion of school projects is increasing. Nowadays, many students prepare for school projects to get better grades. I would like to introduce some interesting school projects I have done. I did many enjoyable activities in technology and home economics class. The projects I am going to introduce are all worked with teams.

The first project is Rolling Ball. It is a project wherein we need to make small balls to roll down using a given material. There are steps to follow to make this project. First, you have to make the blueprint of the project. Next, you need to cut a styrofoam plate. When you are done cutting a plate, you have to stick the styrofoam pieces on a big board. When you stick pieces, the angle of pieces is very important. If your way of sticking the pieces is too sluggish, the ball will not roll down. On the contrary, if you stick the pieces in a steep slope, the ball rolls down too fast. Thus, when doing this Rolling Ball project, we need to contain many essential skills. Many students have struggled in doing this project.

▲ rolling ball

The second project is Catapult. In this project, you need wooden chopsticks, a spoon, a ball, and rubber bands. You have to split and break the wooden chopsticks. Our teacher made a limit to using wooden chopsticks. Students should tie the appropriately-sized wooden chopsticks with rubber bands. There are many ways to make catapults, so students can decide the way to make them. One of the most important things to consider when making the catapults is the accuracy of the ball and distance. When students are done making their teams' catapult, they should shoot the balls with the use of their catapults to the paper cups. The team that shoots the most balls to the paper cups wins a prize.

▲ catapult

School projects make students study more actively. A student who participated in the project named Song Seowon said that she became closer to her friends and it was a good experience for her to execute creative activities. By executing the projects in technology and home economics class many students participated hard in the projects. Creative projects make students more creative, too. It will be nice if there are more creative projects in school.

by Han Yunsuh


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