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School is the place where students learn and hang out with their

▲ The school where students learn many things

friends. Although they learn many things in school, there are things they cannot learn in school or in class. To solve this problem, the school makes school projects, the school makes school projects. Through the school projects, they can learn other background knowledge and have special experiences. Two of the school projects of Guyeong Middle School are Ulsan Traveling Package and the compliment relay.

The first is Ulsan Traveling Package. In this project, students should make a traveling package of Ulsan that includes a special tourist attraction. Students are divided into groups with their very close friends when the project is started. Then, they should search for a tourist attraction of Ulsan. After gathering enough information, they should write down the schedule of traveling and draw a picture of the tourist attraction on drawing paper.

Another school project of Guyeong Middle School is the compliment relay. All students of the class have to take part in the compliment relay. First, the students should write down the advantage and their compliments of the other students on a slip of paper. Then, they will show it to the other students, gather the compliments, and write all of it on a big drawing paper. Finally, the students should decorate the drawing paper where they write down the compliments.

▲ Place where students participate in school project

After students experience the Ulsan Traveling Package, they will know special things like a tourist attraction of the town where they live in. Also, the students who participated in the compliment relay said that they were able to know their friends more through this activity and they have gotten a chance to be closer to their friends.

Thus, students can get much background knowledge and have many special experiences through the school projects. So, many schools plan many projects for students.


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