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Do you know the festival which has a long history? Many people think that this festival is just a simple dance event. However, it is not only a dancing event but also has a lot of meanings. So, it is worth it to go and witness the Cheoyong Cultural Festival.

▲ One scene of the Cheoyong Cultural Festival

The reason why the Cheoyong Cultural Festival is a unique festival is, that it has a long history. Most of the studies show that this festival started from the period of King HyeonJong, the 45th king of the Silla dynasty. At that time, people in the Silla dynasty praised Cheoyong, the son of a dragon who could save people's life from a dangerous disease. After that period, it was continued not only in the Silla dynasty but also in Goryeo and Joseon dynasties. After the time passed, when the Cheoyong Cultural Festival was slowly forgotten by people, our government had restarted it to celebrate Ulsan's industrialization, with the citizens' dialogue since 1967. And, in 2009, UNESCO chose Cheoyong Cultural Festival as UNESCO's Intangible Heritage of Humanity for the historical and authentic meaning of dance.

From October 29th to 31st, 2021, people who will participate in the Cheoyong Cultural Festival can enjoy many events such as citizen culture field, children's drawing contest, Cheoyong flash mob contest, club contest, Ulsan folk art contest, and many more. In the interview with people about the festival, they said that with many events to enjoy, it will be more interesting.

▲ Picture of enjoying Cheoyong Cultural Festival

The reason why this year's event is more meaningful is, that Cheoyong Cultural Festival was originated to prevent disease in the Silla dynasty. Nowadays, people are threatened by the virus, COVID-19. So, as our ancestors overcame their diseases through the Cheoyong Cultural Festival, today's people can surely overcome COVID-19, too.

For these reasons, the Cheoyong Cultural Festival is not a just simple festival but a great festival. So, it will be a good time if you go to watch and enjoy it.


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