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Recently, the number of cars with blue vehicle license plates are conspicuously increased. With the release of hydrogen and electric cars, those with blue vehicle license plates are eco-friendly cars. Timely, Hyundai announced a new car 'NEXO', but many companies are launching a lot of hydrogen vehicles for our environment.

Literally, hydrogen vehicles move by using hydrogen as a fuel for power. The power generation device of such a vehicle burns hydrogen in an internal combustion engine drives an electronic motor or converts the chemical energy of hydrogen into mechanical energy by reacting hydrogen with oxygen in a fuel cell. It has to be charged to the hydrogen refueling station.

With hydrogen vehicles, most of the people think it is only good for the environment without shortcoming. In the positive aspect, the hydrogen vehicle does not make exhaust gases, so we can prevent air pollution, it can purify the air, and the hydrogen fuel prices are cheap. Moreover, it can range longer even with the fast charging. However, there is a serious shortcoming to the use of hydrogen cars in South Korea because, there are not many hydrogen refueling stations in South Korea. In South Korea, there are only 17 stations, especially in Seoul and Ulsan is the city of hydrogen, so Seoul and Ulsan have five stations.

Hyundai announced that they have a plan to make over 500 thousand cars util the year of 2030. Not only in Hyundai Company, but the global companies and many people also get interested in hydrogen vehicles. Experts said that the infrastructure industry will expand, and it is expected that the hydrogen car market will be formed mainly in major countries such as Japan, Germany, South Korea, China, and California in the United States. Moreover, if the infrastructure is increasing all over the world, people who ride hydrogen vehicles will be increased, so we can make a clean society. For the clean society by eco-friendly activities, a lot of people's interest at these activities are the most important.

By Kim Yuchae


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