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As time passes, the range of jobs that people can choose is decreasing. But, even in this pandemic situation, there is a stable job for everyone, being a civil servant. A civil servant can work for the country or for the government in the province. Many people say it is the safest job.

Civil servants are people who are in charge of the administrative affairs of the state or local public organizations. They split up into institutions, address concerns, and do some sort of business. There are many types of public officials and educational administration. A general administrative official does office jobs that conduct research, management, and supervision of various national systems. On the other hand, an educational administration is responsible for the administrative affairs related to the education system.

▲ Different types of civil servants

First of all, you must study Korean, English, and Korean history to take the civil service examination. You can choose between social studies, science, mathematics, administrative law, and administrative science. In an interview with the person who became a civil servant, he said that he did not have a suitable job position, and at that time, he was unable to get a job. So, he decided to be a civil servant. He said that he felt more satisfied helping the weak. But, he said that he had been the most upset when he had to be nice to someone who believes in his position and treats people carelessly.

There is no discrimination when someone prepares for the civil service examination. However, more than 700 English TOEIC and 2nd grade Korean History Haneung Gum are required for people to become civil servants. This means that even though you have become a civil servant already. Your studies are not yet over. You have to study constantly.

▲ A person who studies hard to become a civil servant

To sum up, civil servants are jobs that many people want, so they need constant study and patience. Most civil servants say that they have to work hard for themselves to become good civil servants. People who want to be civil servants must read this article and think about it.


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