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These days, there are a lot of great and enjoyable festivals in Ulsan. Among the various kinds of festivals in Ulsan, Ulsan Onggi Festival is more popular than the other ones. This festival is held between October 1st to October 8th in the area of Oegosan-gil, Ulju-gun, Ulsan where you can see one of the largest villages in the nation.

▲ a picture of teaching Onggi to the visitors

Firstly, Onggi is a Korean earthenware that is used as a tableware and storage container in South Korea. Also, there are some Onggi pots that are chosen by nations as natural monuments. Ulsan Onggi Festival has no fees and age limits. So, we just have to book as quickly as possible to learn the skills of making Onggi. There are seven Onggi master artisans who will be teachers to the visitors. All seven Onggi master artisans are really good and polite at teaching Onggi skills to the visitors. There are several programs in Ulsan Onggi Festival that the visitors can enjoy. Some of them are the Onggi master exhibition, making Onggi, and Onggi folk tales. Also, some other programs are added every year.

Ulsan Onggi Festival is a great festival that all the visitors can enjoy and learn. This great festival has been awarded the zero-contact Festival Special Award. This award is awarded to the festivals which are more popular and have many visitors during the festivals. One visitor of the Ulsan Onggi Festival named Bae Yo-Sub had an interview and said that he got a new hobby that he could do to relax and reduce stress. Another visitor named Kim Jun-Hyun said that he felt really relaxed, and he forgot all the stress he got at work while he was spending time in the Ulsan Onggi Festival.

▲ a picture of rewarding a award

Among various kinds of festivals in South Korea, the most famous one is Ulsan Onggi Festival. It is held in the largest Onggi village in the country, and you can have a chance to meet Onggi master artisans and enjoy various kinds of programs. This festival will teach you skills to make Onggi and to have a new great hobby.


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