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Today, choosing and having jobs are difficult and important to lots of young people. Most students just know that the only way to have good jobs is to study, and they think that doctors, lawyers, and judges are the best careers for everyone. However, in fact, there are suitable jobs for each student by their advantages and aptitudes. So, Seo Girls' Middle School started managing career exploration projects. Through the project, the students can know and think about diverse and new jobs and find their interests and advantages.

▲ Students are participating in the inventing class.

The career exploration project proceeds in the Art Center nearby Seo Girls' Middle School. There are six classes such as computer programming class, carpentry class, pottery class, eco-friendly product class, making beat class, and cooking class. Because Seo Girls' Middle School is girls' middle school, the cooking class is the most popular among these six classes. Classes that are related to new technology are less popular to the students.

After having these classes at the art center, the other project is to write their article about the impression. Almost all the whole students who participate in the career exploration project feel excited and interested in trying lots of fields of jobs. The project is one of the most popular projects in Seo Girls' Middle School. Also, the students have an opportunity to be awarded by writing their articles.

▲ Students are watching the movie about the Korean history.

Thank you for the career exploration project, the students can know their advantages and strengthen their advantages and think about their future careers. Finding a job that is appropriate to someone with advantages and aptitudes is difficult for most people in our society today. However, by the career exploration project, the students can find them. Because the project was quite successful, it becomes popular with other schools.


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