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Almost all schools have many kinds of events held annually. The biggest events in Mugeo Middle School are the flea market and students' classroom events. Those two major events are held simultaneously. This year, these events are going to be held in September, and students are looking forward to these.

▲ Picture of Mugeo Middle School, Ulsan

The flea market and students' classroom event were first held in 2019, and many students loved it a lot. A student named Min Jun said that he never thought that this event is full of fun. Both two events are so great. Especially, he believes in the idea that students planning for their own event is so great. It makes students enjoy a lot of kinds of small games and enjoy planning for their own activities. He hoped big events such as these will be held again.

Mugeo Middle School holds two big individual events: flea market event and students' classroom event. Also, these events are divided into half to make sure every student enjoys them while volunteering for the flea market or managing their classroom event.

▲ Picture of school event

The flea market event is simple. Students only need 1,000 won for each item. Every student can bring their items before the day that the event starts. Students can bring anything unless it is harmful to them like alcohol. Those who bring a lot of items will get some snacks. Also, students who want to volunteer will manage the displayed items and sell them. The collected money will be donated to a volunteer organization.

The second major event is the students' classroom event. All classes will get a budget for them to prepare in their own. Students can plan everything for the activities. They can plan for their games, small classes, students' roles, some rules for the games, and prizes for the winners. For example, one of the good activities before was a dart game with balloons which contained a piece of paper for the prize. Students planning for their own event means every classroom's event is special.

Through flea markets and students' classroom events, students can enjoy a variety of events and learn about cooperation. However, there are also some difficulties with them. In the flea market event, it is hard to collect used items. Also, in both events, some students who do not get along with others are usually excluded. However, those difficulties can to be solved and these events will be held this September.

By Lee Hyun June


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