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A safety empirical event is an event where people can try out diverse emergency situations in a center. The students of Shin-Il Middle School had a chance to visit and try this event at the end of the semester. People can feel a sense of realism by experiencing emergency

situations that seem very real. This event is special to everyone because it is rare to experience all different kinds of emergency situations in our life. We get confused and panic in real situations. However, to avoid that. it is helpful to try safety management practices like this event.

▲ The Safety Empirical Center

In the center, where we can try the safety empirical event, there are various stages of emergency situations on each floor. We can try emergency escape by using the Descending LifeLine, doing the conflagration situations with proper actions, learning the steps in escaping from a sinking boat and a car accident, and doing fire drills at a subway-like place. Also, you do not have to worry about safety problems while you are trying these activities because there are firefighters who can help us try in the best way. In these activities, firefighters teach us how to take action on emergency situations through videos and actual practices. From what we learn then, we can try out the actions in real-like situations right away.

▲ One of the Stages in The Safety Empirical Center

After visiting, students who tried the safety empirical event said that it is was helpful to learn and experience how to cat in emergency situations that he may panic in real-life situations. Another student expressed that it was impressive to learn about using unfamiliar equipment. The last student said that he felt safe while trying the Descending Life Line even though he was scared of the height because there were firefighters.

To conclude, students of Shin-Il Middle School were able to experience and learn how to take action on diverse emergency situations through this safety empirical event. Also, most of the interviewees recommended visiting the center and try out different situations with family or friends.

By Chemin Kim


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