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Have you ever heard of an aerobic competition before? It may be unfamiliar to many students. In Ulsan, Seo Girls' Middle School has been holding an aerobic competition for 22 years.

▲ This is the picture of 19th aerobic competition in Munsu Sports Park.

During preparing for this competition, students create their own aerobic dance steps by themselves and practice together. They join this competition with the costume that the class chooses together. Also, they make a poster that shows all the steps of their presentation and take a video of the practice. This event is held in Munsu Sports Park every year. Also, there are many other performances prepared by the school clubs.

According to a student from this school, this event relieves stress when dancing during the practice for the competition together. Another student said that she likes to talk about this aerobic competition very much and it will become a good memory in her middle school life of sure. The principal of this school also said that she is pleased to have an aerobic competition during an exuberant summer. She hopes for this event to become a page of a happy memory of the students' school days.

▲ Students are cheering their class.

This event has influenced students a lot with good memories. Students can make new friends and get closer to each other while practicing together. Also, every student participates together. According to the school, it prevents school violence and activates physical activities for girl students. However, this can cause some conflicts among students. As cooperation is important, it is sometimes hard to gather all the students' opinions. Therefore, students learn how to put many opinions together and develop abilities to deal with conflicts.

This event has given students a great memory with their friends and school. Though it was impossible to hold this event last year due to the coronavirus, people hope to hold this competition in the upcoming fall of this year.

by Seohyun Kim


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