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A teacher is a very important job, and a teacher's job is to teach students useful information. According to a survey by Job Korea, which provides various job information, many students want to be teachers. It is because being able to share information with students makes a teacher attractive. Then, what qualification is needed and how to become a teacher?

▲ student`s preferred jobs

First of all, the teacher's representative role in school is teaching his assigned teaching subject and guiding students' life in school. Middle school teachers can choose a subject they want to teach such as Korean, English, and math. Also, they make students concentrate on the class well and take an active part in the class. Designing a study plan for the subject you are in charge of in consideration of the school's education plan and the number of school days is the most important role of a teacher, too. Besides, if you are a homeroom teacher, you have to do a class management process and consult about worries that students have.

Second, there are qualifications to become a teacher. To become a teacher, aspiring ones need responsibility and morality as an educator. Leadership is also needed to lead students to the right path and remind them of desirable lifestyles. Also, they should have curiosity and interest in observing many phenomena. According to an interview of the South Korean Ministry of Education with teacher Ko Eun-Mi, she said that a teacher is a very difficult position. She cannot rest for a year and has to study constantly. Also, being an example and motivation for children is the most important thing.

▲ teachers with many students

Then, how can one become a teacher? First, you need to enroll in a college of education and choose the area of teaching and field. If you choose of field, you can learn the content of the assigned teaching subject that you choose in the class. Also, we can do real experience in teaching students. By doing that course, you can complete a teaching course and get a teacher certification in middle school. In addition, if you graduate from a department related to education, you can be public educational personnel, textbook development team staff, or instructor at an academy, too.


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