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Many people would agree that the number one job for teenagers is to study, but they need to relieve stress by taking part in school events. Okhyun Middle School has many events such as orchestra performance, band club performance, guitar club performance, and school trips. Among these, the orchestra performance is the most popular.

▲ Okhyun Middle School (Source: Google)

Choi Yi-hyun, the student principal in Okhyun Middle School said, "I'm very interested in playing an instrument, and I would like to watch the orchestra performance. With COVID-19, I believe it is impossible to watch it live, but our instrument teacher tried her best to achieve this performance, and she made it for our school's students." Yoo Jin Sun, a vice-chairman in Okhyun Middle School said that he was very happy to see that performance, and he wished for Okhyun middle school students to see that performance with encouraging applause.

The orchestra performance will be participated by many students who take part in the orchestra club. Students who take part in that club are the only ones who can participate in the performance. Before the COVID-19, all students can watch the performance in a big place. However, with the COVID-19, only the class president and the vice president can watch it personally while the other student can watch it on television. With this, we can observe social distancing and watch the orchestra performance.

▲ Orchestra Performance in Okhyun Middle School (Source: Google)

The orchestra performance is not common in other middle schools, and it will be performed by Okhyun middle school's students. We can see the effort of the instrument teacher and many students. When we heard about the performance, it makes many people happy. How about coming to Okhyun Middle School and watch and listen to this orchestra performance?

By Myeong Geun Jeong


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