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Onggi is a traditional pot in South Korea. It is a bowl made from the minimum amount of soil, water, fire, and wind from nature. Onggi has been popularly used among Korean people because it can be used to ferment food well. The Ulsan Onggi Festival will be held on November 6, 2021 to November, 2021 at Onggi Village in Oegosan, On yang-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan. There are plenty of interesting things about Onggi.

▲ It is Onggi that is made from water, fire, soil and wind.

The Ulsan Onggi Festival is managed by the Ulsan Onggi Festival Promotion Committee. So, there are a lot of interesting things about it. Onggi Artisan Demonstration Hall is popular among visitors. It shows unique Onggi pots made potters. Beside the Onggi Demonstration Hall, there is a soil playground and a photo zone, too. Many children play in the soft soil playground and many families take a picture with Onggi at the photo zone. Another thing is the Onggi stories in fairy tales. An Onggi teacher will share enjoyable Onggi stories. Last, there is a performance with traditional Korean instruments.

▲ You can see that the potters are making Onggi at Onggi Demonstration Hall.

Visitors will not only enjoy a sightseeing program but also experience activities in the Ulsan Onggi Festival. The most popular program is making own Onggi by using soil. It can be done by making own small Onggi with own preferred shape and put it in the fire. Then, it will become firm. The visitors can take it to their home and use it. Moreover, from this year,2021, the Onggi festival will add more experience activities like food fermentation. Onggi can ferment food better than other pots, so the visitors can make their own Onggi and make fermented food. They can make gochujang pizza, fermented jelly, gochujang, and doenjang.

The Ulsan Onggi Festival Promotion Committee won a special award. It was not given face to face with a lot of audiences. Last year, because of COVID-19. The Onggi Festival Promotion Committee decided to visit instead of them being visited by the ones who gave the special award. Also, they won a grand prize for two years in a row on behalf of Korean culture. In short, the Ulsan Onggi Festival represents Ulsan and Korean culture, and there are many interesting things that it promotes. So, come to the Ulsan Onggi Festival and enjoy your day with Onggi.

By Jang Yun-ha


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