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Many people are interested in their health. The more people are interested in their health, the more jobs in biology appear. So, more biology careers appear. One of the biology careers is a biologist. The biologist is one of the promising jobs in the future. Biologists demand a broad range of skills.

▲ A biologist at work

Biologists work in a laboratory, hospital, bio-related venture companies, or pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and liquor companies. They identify the characteristics of living things and utilize them to produce various substances and based on biotechnology knowledge such as biology, medicine, and food. Also, they make new drugs or develop products and technologies like stem cells and continuously conduct research to further develop the developed technology. Moreover, they conduct and supervise various activities to collect research subjects or their data.

It seems that living as a biologist is easy because biologists usually research living things. However, the progress of becoming a biologist is really hard. To become a biologist, they have to study things related to biology, microbiology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, agricultural biotechnology, and many more or study medicine, veterinary medicine, and pharmacology in college. For higher-quality research, people often study abroad or go to a graduate school to study for master's and doctorate courses. It is said that Dr. Sung Jin-woo invented the self-diagnosis kit. Like this, biologists try to do something many times. They usually fail in doing a project. However, they do not give up. They try hard to succeed. So, many biologists said that biologists need so much patience.

▲ A picture of a biologist

Biology is a study necessary to solve health, environmental, and food problems, and it can enter various fields such as medicine, food, and agriculture. Globally, as the chemical development of effective drugs reaches its limit, the growth of the field of using biotechnology to develop new drugs is expected. In the agricultural sector, studies are being conducted such as developing seeds that can be sold at high prices or developing organs for livestock products. Such as, we are experiencing COVID-19, so all of the vaccines for viruses are made by biologists. Biologists are really important these days.

By Lee Ho-geun


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