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In most schools, it is a student's duty to go to school in uniform. However, students in our school do not wear uniforms these days. Therefore, our school's student council prepared a project to dress up in school uniforms.

The name of the project is "Campaign to Wear Your Uniforms Right." The purpose of this is to give a reward to students who are wearing their school uniform and give punishment to those who do not. When students go to school, some teachers and students will look at the students who go to school and record the students who wear uniforms well and those who do not. Afterward, students who are recorded before school is over will be given rewards and punishment.

Many students like the project because it gives prizes when they wear uniforms. However, some students disagree about it. If you wear a uniform, you will not be punished. Therefore, many students often wear uniforms to avoid punishment.

As a result of the project, most students wear uniforms better than they did before the project was implemented. In addition, more and more students are voluntarily wearing uniforms as they consider the meaning and reason for their existence.

Uniforms are a symbol of the school. This symbol is expressed through students wearing uniforms. Students can have pride and confidence in their school. Our school restored students' lost pride and confidence through the "Wear Your Uniforms Right" project.


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