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Nowadays, because of the development of medication, the demand for careers which are related to medication is increasing. Especially, according to Korean Adolescent Research, one of the most trending and promising jobs in 2021 is a doctor. Doctors work in a lot of fields. Among them, emergency medicine nocturnists act an important role.

▲ Act of Emergency Medicine Nocturnist

As our society is developing, lots of convenient things are invented. However, it is hard and dangerous to make them. Therefore, the sorts of injuries have become severe. Also, the role of emergency medicine nocturnist is becoming important. From the interview with Gook Jong Lee, who is the most famous emergency medicine nocturnist in South Korea, he said that emergency medicine nocturnists work in the emergency room. Also, to cure people, there is what they call "golden time", which is the period wherein the possibility to prevent death is the highest, so they need to be relaxed and have good teamwork in an emergency situation. Moreover, they actually do not have a vacation, and they should work all day and night. Because they do not know when the injured patients come, their health is really important.

It seems that the job of an emergency medicine nocturnist is really challenging. To become an

▲ Department of Emergency Medicine

emergency medicine nocturnist, first, we must be good in all subjects and get a first-class honours degree in high school or first-class honours degree in the College Scholastic Ability Test. Then, we can go to the highest class in medical college. In addition, we can go to a countryside medical college if we get a third-class honours degree in the College Scholastic Ability Test. Second, in medical college, we should spend five years studying. We can choose our specialization when we graduate from college. Also, we can choose it by the order of merit. Here, we have a lot of tests every week with tremendous test scope. Then, we have a final test, and if we pass it, we can graduate from college. Then, we should have an internship for a year in a hospital. During this period, we do the assistance in the hospital. Finally, after the internship, we should do a medical residency for four years, then we can be a doctor. In the residency, we help the surgeon in operations.

It is really challenging to become an emergency medicine nocturnist. However, because of emergency medicine nocturnists, we can live in this developing society.


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